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   Why You and Your Restaurant are Losing Money with a Phone

  Why You and Your Restaurant are Losing Money with a Phone

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When your customers order over the phone, have you ever noticed that they often feel rushed – and that your employees hurry them through their orders so they can get back to preparing food? Worse yet, have you noticed that employees rush and screw up orders because of this, which lose the restaurant money. Not only will MegaBite’s private label online ordering greatly add to the convenience of your delivery and carry-out ordering process for both your customers and your employees – but it will also increase the ticket price from your customers orders as well.  Online ordering allows your customers to take their time when they order, it gives them an private label online interface so you, as the Restaurant, can push them towards items that have the highest margin which can include up-sells, cross-sells, specials.

Allowing Customers to Take their Time On Their Order
When your customers order over the phone, they have to speak to one of your employees in order to place your order. This means your customers have to get them on the phone. On a Friday night when your restaurant is packed, what happens when the customer can’t get someone on the phone, or worse yet, puts your customer on hold and forgets about them (yes that has happened to me multiple times). Lets just say I have second guessed going back to that restaurant. Even if your employees are perfectly trained, the stress and speed of restaurant work means that your customers are going to feel slightly rushed when they order over the phone. With this being the norm, most people that order over the phone have their order together which practically eliminates your restaurant employee to up-sell or cross-sell items like in the restaurant at a table or online, which equals lower tickets. Even companies that have “scripts” for their employees to follow when they answer calls (things like asking if the customer would like to add a desert at a promotional price), it is a script which means it is more likely to come off as a bit hurried and impersonal to the customer.
When the restaurant has the option for ordering online more than 70% of customers prefer to order online rather than over the phone. Why? It is easier and the customers can take their time and make sure they get everything they want without being rushed. This is even more important when your customers are ordering large orders, such as for catering and parties, and ordering over the phone would take a long time. This still has been proven it still wouldn’t be as accurate as selecting from your restaurant’s website or facebook page.

Providing and Allowing Your Customer to see the Whole Menu
According to the largest online ordering company in the world, a majority of food orders in the United States are still placed with paper menus and phone calls. This method of ordering makes it difficult for restaurants to make changes to their menus, since any change would require a re-printing of the entire menu and would confuse patrons that order from the older paper menus that the customer has had on there fridge for a year. Paper menus are also very difficult to navigate quickly for a customer, and they can’t be “programmed” like online menus to show up-sells and cross-sells to make the restaurant money.

Your online ordering process will put your restaurant’s most accurate and up-to-date menu right on your restaurant’s website and facebook pages of your customers. This way they know they can order with confidence that the prices and the menu items are all correct. You can also create coupons, loyalty programs, promotions, specials, and discounts on your online ordering menu and you can rotate them in and out as you need to. Now, your menu will never be stale and you can respond quickly to what your customers want.

THAT Online Ordering Company is a Private Label Online Ordering company that is focused on increasing brand awareness and ticket sizes for restaurants, as well as improving their efficiency inside the restaurant. We ask you to check us out! To learn more about THAT, our system, and all that we can do for you, download our app by texting “Ordering” to 44222.

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