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THAT Application

1. Duties: THAT Online Ordering Company agrees to create, maintain and host interactive online menus for the Restaurant.

2. Restaurant agrees to pay THAT Online Ordering Company the following setup and monthly transaction processing fee.

$247: One time setup fee Includes one menu data entry and tablet or phone to receive orders

Monthly Fee1 $39.97 + 3.9% net sales.

1Gateway & Card processing fees are added to Monthly Fee if restaurant opts to take credit card orders online. Credit card/Merchant Fees are setup through Anovia Payments if setup through THAT Online Ordering. Merchant fees will begin when the online ordering is sent to client.

Monthly statements are generated on the 5th day of the following month for the previous month’s activity and charged to the credit card or the bank account on file. In the event that you also choose THAT Online Ordering Company for credit card processing (through partnership with Anovia Payments), the bank account used to set up the merchant processing account will be the same account that your online ordering fees will be billed to (unless notified otherwise).

Methods of Payment: Restaurant can pay the monthly charges by credit cards debit cards on file. Please complete the attached document to complete the payment details.

Terms of Service: Restaurant, by and through the undersigned agent, agrees that either party can terminate this agreement for any reason upon written notice to the other party. THAT Online Ordering reserves the right to a first right of refusal from the restaurant in the first two years of service. If service is cancelled within the first 2 years of service and another online ordering provider is used then a cancellation fee will be enforced.

Disclaimer: THAT Online Ordering Company services are provided under this agreement “as is”. In no event will THAT Online Ordering Company be liable for claim by any party arising in any way from the use of the web site, any failure of the web site, any actions or omissions by THAT Online Ordering Company or any other action contemplated or not contemplated by this agreement. In no event will THAT Online Ordering Company be liable for any claim against Restaurant by any other party concerning any claims regarding goods and/or services offered by Restaurant provided or to be provided under this agreement or as used by a third party. In no event will THAT Online Ordering Company be liable for lost profits or any other indirect, special, consequential, incidental or contingent damages. There may be times that THAT Online Ordering Company will use the Restaurants’ name for reference in regards to advertising. If restaurant wishes to opt out of allowing THAT Online Ordering Company from using the restaurant as a reference, please see the form below.

Websites and Landing Pages: THAT Online Ordering Company has the ability to build a landing page and/or up to five page website for the merchant. If interseted in this service please see the form below.

Hardware**: THAT Online Ordering Company offers tablets and receipt printers that work with our system that can be bought from Mega Bite Online Ordering. The details are below:

*Subscription Billing starts after first month of online ordering

(**The setup will be billed the Friday after agreement form is signed. Monthly payments will begin for the restaurant on the fifth of the following month after the online ordering link is ready and sent to the client.)

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