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Podcast Episode 2

Episode. 2 The Wordtrack Used by Restaurant Servers an on Online Ordering Menus Proven to Sale 30% More Items

It is important that your servers and/or anything else including online ordering up-sells high margined items on your menu when a customer is ordering from your restaurant. Most people that come to your restaurant do not know what works well with each dish or what pairs well (drink wise) with each dish they order and this is where you can increase your sales in the restaurant and online.

We have all heard the phrase “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” and this phrase proves essential to the word track that helps increase your upsells from your servers and/or online ordering platform.

The word track that has proven to work best in restaurants is “Most customers also order
____ with this meal.” The simplicity of this word track works like a charm and has proven to increase sales inside your restaurant and online by 30% a year.

There are three ways you are going to have the opportunity to use this word track and the those three ways we will touch on today. They are listed below:

  1. Servers with Dine-In customers
  2. Hostesses with Call in Customers 
  3. Online Ordering with take-out and delivery customers.

Now that you know what word track to use when up-selling to your customers, what items should you be up-selling.

You of course are going to want to look at the menus including your food menu and your bar menu if you have one.

More often than not, if you have a bar at your restaurant and sell beer, wine, and/or liquor, those items are going to be your highest margin. Now, with that said, many times your soda, or non-alcoholic drinks will yield a high margin as well.

There are sides that also yield a high margin and those could be potatoes, french fries, chips, and so many other things that would fit perfectly for a side of a dish your customer is ordering. When a customer comes to your restaurant it is expected that you put the right meal in front of them that is going to knock them off their feet and part of that is the through the art of the upsell from a waiter or the online ordering you have setup.

When it comes to phone in orders you must realize that your body language is now gone, you just have your voice and your tone of your voice. What I suggest to my restaurants is that they have a script for their hostesses or anyone else

When it comes to online ordering, you just need to make sure that your system follows the up-sell like a waiter or waitress would. After the customer makes the selection you will want to make sure that the correct up-sell and modifiers are in place so you can offer one of your high margined items for sale with what they want to eat.

When this is done right, you will see your restaurants tickets skyrocket by 30 percent and you will be yielding a higher profit from each table turned in your restaurant or from each take-out or delivery order you receive.

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