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Podcast Episode 1

Episode 001 

The #1 Thing You Need to be doing in Your Restaurant to Increase Its Repeat Business by 25%

Hello and welcome to the premiere episode of the CHEW ON THIS Podcast, your Podcast for Anything and Everything Restaurants. This podcast is geared toward helping YOUR restaurants’ Bottom Line! Hosted by Sidney Clevinger and presented by THAT Online Ordering Company, the best online ordering company for your restaurant on the planet!

The #1 Thing you need to be doing is collecting names, emails and phone numbers and re-marketing out your customers through email or text with coupons to entice them to come back. I have always said, if the food good, they (customers) will come, but sometimes sending them a friendly reminder helps too.

Here are three ways you can begin to collect names, phone numbers, and emails from your customers.

  1. Ask them for it while they are there while they are at your restaurant.
  2. Start a Newsletter
  3. Get it digitally through your website, online ordering, Facebook and other social media sites.

After you receive the customers information, place this information into an excel spreadsheet and upload your customer list to Constant Contact or Mail Chimp and start a campaign to bring thee customers back This could simply be free apps or coupons or whatever, but just get your brand and logo back in front of them.

For more information about how to get the names, emails and phone numbers from every single customer of your restaurant, check out our website and fill our this form for a free 30 minute strategy session with one of Consultants, STRATEGY SESSION FORM .