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Customer Loyalty When Your Restaurant Has Online Ordering

Customer Loyalty When Your Restaurant Has Online Ordering

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Simple Facts:

  • Earlier this year, PMQ Pizza Magazine reported that 95% of individuals who ordered online will return to that restaurant a second time (online or in-person). That’s 19 out of every 20.
  • The National Restaurant Association recently reported that online customers will return to a restaurant 67% more frequently than customers who have not ordered online.

Yep, 67%! Not only does online ordering bring people back to your restaurant after ordering the first time, online ordering also compels them to come back more frequently. This leads to a third statistic:

  • A recent study done by Harvard University revealed that if you can increase your regular customers by 5%, you can increase bottom-line profits by 25% to 125%.

So, why is online ordering successful at making this happen?

Surveys find that the reasons online ordering is so popular with consumers are two-fold: Accuracy and Convenience. By providing customers a memorable ordering experience with your restaurant, your establishment becomes imprinted in their mind as a great place to get great food, quickly and accurately.

You can firmly place online ordering in the category of tools that not only make operations smoother, but also help you grow your restaurant.
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